Garfield County: Historic Rights of Pass

Posted on Oct 8, 2014
Garfield County: Historic Rights of Pass

Historic rights of way

Garfield County research identifies historic routes and public rights of way 
Signs will identify routes established and documented on historical maps

GARFIELD COUNTY, CO – Garfield County began installing road signs defining public access along historic rights of way in the county during September. The signs are intended to inform the public where historic routes exist.

Garfield County hired Land Acquisitions Manager Glenn Adams six months ago to research and inventory existing public land access points and easements.

“In the first stage of this research, Adams is using historic and current documents to identify historic routes,” said Garfield County Attorney Frank Hutfless. “This research of existing easements and access will be used by Garfield County to help assure access to public land.”
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Historic rights of way sign



Historic ROW sign


Sign locations

mapHistorical route signage implementation – first installment
This map shows the first installment of “historic right-of-way” signs in Garfield County.
1. Click on the image to open the map.
2. Hold down your Ctrl key and click on the + (plus/equal sign) to zoom in on the map to see stars marking the roads signs will be installed on.

County roads to receive signs in the first installment
CR 201 Baxter Pass
CR 268 W. Baxter Pass Ridge
CR 269 E. Baxter Pass Ridge
CR 256 Four A Ridge Road
CR 205 Salt Wash
CR 204 Roan Creek Road (except the location at the end of County Road 204)
CR 200 N. Dry Fork Road
CR 202 Kimball Creek Road
CR 249 Roan Cliffs Road
CR 317 Beaver Creek Road
CR 252 W. Rifle Creek Road
CR 311 Divide Creek Road
CR 313 E. Divide Creek Road
CR 312 Garfield Creek Road
CR 226 Grass Valley Road (all)
CR 241 Elk Creek Road
CR 243 Main Elk Creek Road
CR 245 Buford Road
CR 115 Red Canyon Road
CR 117 Four Mile Road
CR 125 Dry Park Road
CR 108 Thompson Creek Road
CR 103 Crystal Springs Road
CR 113 Cattle Creek Road
Transfer Trailhead


Historic maps used in the research
Mapping of historic routes locally began with the Hayden Survey of 1877, and then the General Land Office Survey of 1882-1909. The Garfield County Road Map of 1888, the White River Plateau Timber Reserve Map of 1898 and the Battlement Mesa Forest Reserve map of 1898 are also key maps for the research Garfield County has conducted.

Hayden Survey of 1877
Hayden Survey of 1877 map
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Garfield County Road Map of 1888
Garfield County Road Map of 1888